A Dream Gets Realer

I got this notification in my e-mail this afternoon.

As some readers might have noticed, I’m starting to monetize my blog by asking for tips. I don’t add the request to every post right now, mostly because I’m shy about it, but one day I might. The fact that someone actually followed the link and did this gives me confidence that I’m not out of bounds.

It’s my dream to one day make some sort of living off my interests in music. Being able to sit around and write about music all day sounds like quite a life. It’s something I’d do regardless of financial reward, but given we live in a capitalist society, having a bit of income is helpful. To that end, I’m tentatively moving towards monetizing this blog. Further down the road, some of the work I’m doing here will make its way into one of the books I’d one day like to write.

And today, I took the first step to being that professional. Thank you.

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