February 1st Chronicles

Some days, a lot of things happen. On this particular day, five (or more) big things have happened that have been covered on this blog! Days such as this are referred to as banner days, and this is one of them.

All five events Gotta Hear ’em All covers come from concerts by blog favorites Deep Purple, Rainbow, and ELP. The first comes from Deep Purple, who performed one of their first concerts of 1969 at Gladsaxe Teen Club. At the time, their third album was underway, and two members of the group had entered their final six months with the band before their sacking. Thirty-seven years to the day, Purple were at it again, this time in Helsinki. All but one member of the 1969 lineup, Ian Paice, had by this point willingly or unwillingly moved on.

Two members of this lineup, Roger Glover and Don Airey, were with Rainbow for their 1980 concert at Vorst Nationaal. It was the first tour which found the two working together, laying the groundwork for a powerful musical partnership which has persisted to this day.

Finally, ELP performed two concerts four years apart on this day as well. The first came during the height of their Brain Salad Surgery tour at an unknown venue in California. This performance occurred the night before their legendary concert in Anaheim which became the Welcome Back My Friends, To the Show That Never Ends…Ladies and Gentlemen, Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Everything from the title to the triple-disc format is lavish with this album, and the music more than pays off for this buildup! Likely, the performance which came on this night was equally excellent.

Aquatarkus from the following night.

Four years later, ELP found themselves performing in Buffalo, New York, during the waning days of their Works Tour. Sadly, recordings of this and the California concert have not yet surfaced. Hopefully, one day they will; even on their worst nights, ELP’s performance ability far outstripped most other live acts!

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