On This Day (April 21)…Deep Purple Down Under

Deep Purple performed on this day in 2004 at the Lyric Theater Star City in Sydney, Australia.

Ticket for the show. Retrieved from here.

Deep Purple visited a few locations on their Bananas Tour which deviated from their usual touring patterns. One such location was Sydney; this particular concert was the second of three dates the band undertook at this venue. They were supported here by Billy Thorpe, an Australian act.

As per usual, the band played a setlist composed mostly of their main hits from the 70s, as well as “Perfect Strangers” to represent their output in the 80s. Five songs from the newest album, Bananas, rounded out the setlist. According to reviews of the night, the band was very well-received; even the supporting act was popular with the crowd!

There is no known recording of this concert. A set of photos of the band playing can be found here, though!

The gig took place at the Sydney Lyric Theater, a venue which is part of a larger casino complex. It apparently opened in 1997 and seats around 2010.

Sydney Lyric Theatre
Interior of the venue. Retrieved from here.

Function-wise, the theater is primarily known for musicals. Here are some of the concerts which have taken place in this theater over the years.

The theater also notable for its movable walls, which can allow the venue to convert quickly to larger or smaller capacities depending upon the show type. It still operates today, and its website can be found here.

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