On This Day (April 9)…Rapture of Nagoya

Deep Purple performed on this day in 2009 at the Zepp in Nagoya, Japan.

File:Deep Purple January 2009.jpg
Deep Purple onstage at an unknown venue in 2009. Retrieved from here.

The band were at this point still touring in support of their then-most recent album, Rapture of the Deep, which had been released in 2005.

Despite the fact that the group was touring in support of Rapture of the Deep, only two songs from that album made it onto the setlist, the title track and “Things I Never Said”. Only two other songs from the Mark VIII lineup were included, “Contact Lost” and “The Well-Dressed Guitar”. The rest was a panoply of music from previous decades, of course with a bend towards their 1970s to satisfy fans. Along with old favorites, the more rarely-performed “Wring That Neck” also showed up. Even “The Battle Rages On”, a remnant of a dark era for the group, showed up on the setlist.

This concert is known to have been recorded. It is in circulation online.

The group appeared at Zepp Nagoya, a part of the Japanese Zepp entertainment hall company. The hall opened in March of 2005.

File:Expo 2005 A Satellite Studio De・La・Fantasia In Zepp Nagoya.jpg
Zepp Nagoya exterior in 2005. Retrieved from here.

The concert hall apparently holds about 1800 people. These are some of the other shows that have occurred here over the years. Its website can be found here.

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