On This Day (August 15)…Rainbow Setting (The Stage) at Donington

Rainbow rehearsed on this day in 1980 at Donington Park. The day after this rehearsal, Rainbow would headline the inaugural Monsters of Rock Festival at Castle Donington, England.

Donington Monsters Of Rock 1980
Poster for the upcoming event. Retrieved from here.

The Down to Earth lineup of Rainbow were at the height of their power, having successfully completed a world tour together which had begun the previous year. However, the lineup would not last beyond the upcoming gig. Cozy Powell, the last holdover from the pre-Down To Earth era other than Ritchie Blackmore, would leave the band soon after the concert. Powell was at the time the longest-serving member of the group other than Blackmore, having been in the group since 1975. His impending departure was mentioned onstage the next day, so it was likely known at this rehearsal as well.

Graham Bonnet would follow Powell when the writing sessions for the following album, Difficult to Cure, dissatisfied him. At this point, however, his departure was uncertain.

This rehearsal is known to be recorded and is in circulation online.

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