On This Day (August 17)…Three Bands Crossing the Border

Dream Theater, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Deep Purple performed on this day in 1998 at L’Agora du Vieux-Port in Quebec City,

Ticket for the show. Retrieved from here.

This was the first show the three bands, who had been touring together since early in August, performed in Canada. Thus far, they had been in the United States, predominantly in the Northeast.

While it has been stated multiple times in various areas of the internet that ELP was the supporting band to Dream Theater and Deep Purple, Dream Theater was actually the support act. They performed first throughout the tour according to recollections, then were followed by ELP. Deep Purple finished off the night.

By this point, there had been a great many complaints about the length of the concerts. As a result, the bands shortened their setlists. ELP, for instance, dropped “Touch and Go” from their performances. “Touch and Go” had been the only song to cross over from one of ELP’s spinoff bands back to the band proper; it had originated with Emerson, Lake & Powell. As Cozy Powell had died suddenly about four months before this tour, it could well have been a tribute to him.

ELP’s setlist is the only one known to have been recorded on this night. It is in circulation online. No recordings of either Dream Theater or Deep Purple have yet surfaced publicly.

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