On This Day (December 17)…Beethoven’s Baptism

Ludwig van Beethoven was baptized on this day in 1770.

Probably the most famous portrait of Beethoven by Joseph Karl Stieler dating to 1820. Retrieved from here.

It is likely that Beethoven was born not long before this date, likely on December 16, as it was apparently customary to baptize children about a day after birth at this time in Bonn. However, there is no exact record of his date of birth; this is the earliest record we have of him.

Beethoven grew up to become one of the most influential composers in the Western classical canon; his very name is synonymous with classical music. Among his many musical works are his nine symphonies, which are probably his emblematic compositions. He is also fairly well-known for his piano works, including the Pathetique and the “Moonlight Sonata”. A great many artists took inspiration from Beethoven’s work, which helped launch the Romantic movement in classical music.

Today’s the perfect day to spin a few of your favorite works by Beethoven. I myself am quite partial to his Seventh Symphony.

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