On This Day (December 21)…Deep Purple at Fillmore East

Deep Purple performed two shows at the Fillmore East on this day in 1968. They shared the bill with Creedence Clearwater Revival and James Cotton Blues Band.

Concert poster promoting Purple and other gigs upcoming that week. Retrieved from here.

The band had been in the United States since October of that year. Despite having formed earlier that year, they already had been touring steadily and had two albums out, Shades of Deep Purple and The Book of Taliesyn. This strong work ethic has remained with the band to this day.

I have yet to find a setlist, though both sets were probably comparable to the concert recorded at the forum in Inglewood, California on this tour. The Inglewood concert included mostly the covers the band had thus far done, “Mandrake Root” and “Wring that Neck” being the only exceptions. The concert began with “Hush”, the song which first brought them to the attention of American audiences (source).

Ticket stub. Retrieved from here.

The concerts occurred at 8:00 and 11:30 P.M. No known recording of either concert is known to exist.

I talk more about the venue, Fillmore East, in this post.

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