On This Day (December 21)…Happy Birthday, Rachel Flowers!

The musician Rachel Flowers was born on this day in 1993.

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While she is a multi-instrumentalist, she’s best known for her prowess on the keyboards. As a performer, she’s gained acclaim for her work playing classic works by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. As the video below demonstrates, she adds her own flair to the work. Not only does this demonstrate her own skill as a performer and an interpreter, it has also gone a long way towards canonizing ELP’s music for future generations.

Also worth noting is how she combines live and studio versions of this piece.

Rachel is also a composer in her own right, having written two albums already, as well as an organ concerto which premiered this past year. You can find a combination of original work and covers at her YouTube channel. Her albums, along with a third on which she is featured, are available here.

And yes, by ‘Greg’ she means Greg Lake.

Happy birthday, Miss Flowers! Thank you for your work thus far, and I know I’m not alone in looking forward to all the music you’ve yet to write and play.

What’s your favorite work of hers, whether original or interpretation?

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