On This Day (December 26)…Deep Purple at the Electric Circus, Part 3

Deep Purple’s Mark I lineup was yet again performing at the Electric Circus on this day in 1968. They performed two shows, as they had both previous days.

The electric circus, where Deep Purple performed on December 24th-31st. Retrieved from here.

Once again, there is no information that the previous days do not cover. I have found no great anecdotes about the nights, nor even a setlist. The latter can be guessed at based on previous recorded dates on the tour. Perhaps due to the holiday season, Ritchie Blackmore included some Christmas melodies, as he often did in the early 70s during solos. Hopefully more concrete information will surface at some point! To my readers, if you know anything, I would love to hear it.

No recording of either show is known to exist.

I talk more about the venue at which they performed, the Electric Circus, here.

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