On This Day (December 28)…Deep Purple at the Electric Circus, Part 5

Deep Purple were back at the Electric Circus for the fifth night in a row on this day in 1968. They performed two shows, one at 9 PM and one at 11 PM.

Ad for the concert. Retrieved from here.

There is no way of knowing how many people actually came, as there were no reservations and the circus reportedly had been surpassing its capacity routinely since its opening. However, these concerts probably introduced a large group of the concertgoing population in the area to Deep Purple. There’s little information at this time about what actually went on, however. If anyone would like to come forward to paint a better picture, that would be much appreciated.

No recording of this night is known to exist. Mark I generally was not well recorded. Perhaps tapes will surface for this concert or another from these sets some day.

I talk more about the venue at which the band performed, the infamous Electric Circus, here.

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