On This Day (December 3)…King Crimson a Go Go

King Crimson performed on this day in 1969 at the Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles, California.

Newspaper coverage of King Crimson’s Los Angeles dates. Retrieved from here.

This concert began a short residency late in King Crimson’s First US tour; they performed at the club once a day from December 3rd to 7th.

Greg Lake relates in his autobiography Lucky Man that around this time, he accidentally became drunk on mescal, mistaking it for champagne, and received a black eye upon passing out in his hotel bathroom and hitting something. He still had to perform each night despite the eye!

Ian McDonald’s tour diary states that the band also rehearsed at the Whiskey a Go Go that afternoon.

From Ian McDonald’s tour diary. Retrieved from here.

The Whiskey a Go Go sets were some of the last that the original King Crimson lineup performed. After this, there were only three dates at Fillmore West before this lineup of band forever parted company.

There is no known recording of this concert, or indeed of any of the concerts performed that week.

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