On This Day (December 5)…Rest in Peace, Dave Brubeck

The jazz composer Dave Brubeck died on this day in 2012 of heart failure. He was 91 years old.

File:Dave Brubeck 2005 in Ludwigshafen 1 fcm.jpg
Brubeck in 2005. Photograph by Frank C. Müller. Retrieved from here.

Brubeck narrowly missed his ninety-second birthday, which would have occurred the day after. His eclectic jazz style drew from everything from American folk to Turkish street music, all of which were brought to his listener’s attention. My favorite side of his output is this worldliness, which to me brings to life the essential joy of music. Though listeners do not always share a cultural background, the shared appreciation they may develop will help them forge deep bonds. With his own work, Dave Brubeck helped create a few of those along the way.

Thank you for your music, Mr. Brubeck!

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