On This Day (December 7)…Rainbow Over Nagoya

Rainbow performed on this day in 1976 at the Nagoya-Shī Kokaido in Japan.

The band was on their first ever Japanese portion of a tour, and they have enjoyed enduring popularity there since.

On this night, Ronnie James Dio dedicated the Deep Purple song “Mistreated”, which the band had taken as their own, to Tommy Bolin. Tommy had died three days previously in Miami.

The concert was recorded and is in circulation online.

Retrieved from here

The Nagoya-Shī Kokaido, known in English as the Nagoya Civic Assembly Hall, was first opened on October 10, 1930. It was originally built to honor the marriage of Emperor Hirohito (sourced from Wikipedia).

Exterior of the venue in 2006. Retrieved from here.

Sadly, the website appears to be down. According to setlist.fm, it was closed from 2017 to March 2019 for renovations, but there have been concerts since (source).

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