On This Day (February 26)…A Light Into the Future

I have no idea what my life is going to be like tomorrow and how much longer I have, so it felt appropriate to share an archive of my 2010-2019 works, in case I never get to do that when I’m old…

The artist on his decision to publish this album. Retrieved from here.

John Object released Life on this day in 2022 on Bandcamp.

Album cover, which is pure white. Retrieved from here.

This is the fourth release by John Object, the name used by Kyiv-based musical artist Timur Dzhafarov. At fifty-eight tracks, it is the longest of his releases, comprised of tracks from 2010 to 2019. The tracks are in relatively chronological order, with some exceptions to improve the flow of the work.

Dzhafarov released the album in the early hours of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, fearful that he would not survive the ensuing attack and wanting to leave a record of his work. He appears to have survived at least the first month of the invasion based on his instagram account. We here at Gotta Hear ‘Em All sincerely hope he is doing alright.

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