On This Day (February 28)…Happy Birthday, Murray Gold!

The composer Murray Gold was born on this day in 1969 in Portsmouth, England.

Photo of Gold in his studio from 2007. Retrieved from here.

Gold is best known for his work on Doctor Who, where he served as the composer from 2005 to 2018. His continuous thirteen-year run with the show is one of the longest in the show’s history in terms of personal involvement. Early on in his work for the show, Gold wrote all his music with electronic samples for instruments, with occasional help from a live chorus, due to budget constraints. As the show grew in popularity and scale, so did Gold’s work on the score. Beginning in 2006, Gold worked with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales on the soundtrack. His style with the show varied from cinematic to intimate, with both orchestral and rock ensemble arrangements coming to the fore.

A personal favorite piece of mine from the soundtrack of Series 6.

According to IMDB, Gold has scored 85 movie and TV projects, including several collaborations with Russell T. Davies predating and following their work together on Doctor Who.

Today’s a good day to kick back and listen to some of the defining soundtrack pieces of twenty-first century sci-fi courtesy of Mr. Gold. We here at Gotta Hear ’em All hope this year’s a good one for him!.

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