On This Day (February 29)…Deep Purple in Gothenburg

Deep Purple performed on this day in 1972 at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The celebrated Mark II lineup putting their feet up for a bit. Retrieved from here.

This was one of their last dates on the Fireball World tour, undertaken to support their then-most recent album, Fireball. The tour was comparatively short, however. Just over three weeks later, the band would release their next album, the very popular Machine Head.

The setlist for the concert included two numbers from the upcoming album, as well as three from Fireball and two from In Rock. Presumably, the concert also included the exact sort of jamming the band was then known for, with long form improvisations.

The concert was recorded and is in circulation online. Although it is sometimes given out as having taken place on March 4th, a ticket exists from that day which proved the band was in another venue.

The Scandinavium, the venue at which they performed, was still a new venue at the time the band performed, having only been opened May 18, 1971. Despite this, the band had already been there twice with their prior lineup, including earlier that year! It had been designed by architect Poul Hultberg as part of Gothenburg’s 350th Anniversary Celebrations. It is mostly used for sporting events.

File:Scandinavium 2009.jpg
The Scandinavium in 2009. Retrieved from here.

The arena seats about 14,000 in its concert capacity. The attendance record was set by Whitney Houston, who sold 14,606 tickets for a gig on May 29, 1988 (source).

The arena is still in use today both for sporting events and concerts (source).

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