On This Day (January 1)…Rest In Peace, J.C. Bach

The composer Johann Christian Bach died on this day in 1782. He was forty-six years old.

File:Johann Christian Bach by Thomas Gainsborough.jpg
Johann Christian Bach as painted by Thomas Gainsborough in 1776. Retrieved from here.

Inevitably, Johann Christian Bach’s legacy is lost in the shadow of his father, Johann Sebastian Bach. That unfair to J.C., who was a noted composer and performer in his own right. In fact, during his lifetime, J.S. Bach’s youngest son was more famous than his father! While living in London, he enjoyed the patronage of the German-born wife of King George III, Queen Charlotte. He created many great works of music both religious and secular.

His biggest legacy is also dependent on another, his student Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Through Mozart, his influence on classical music is at its most indelible. As I indicated above, however, today might be the day to appreciate him on his own merits, rather than on the merits of others, and listen to some of his music.

Thank you for your music and your teaching, Mr. J.C. Bach!

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