On This Day (January 15)…Perfect(ly Gold) Strangers

Deep Purple’s album Perfect Strangers was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on this day in 1985.

Image result for deep purple perfect strangers riaa gold
Photograph of the band’s award. Retrieved from here.

RIAA gold certification requires 500,000 albums to have been sold in the United States. This specific criteria started applying in 1975.

Perfect Strangers was the first album Purple had released since Come Taste The Band in 1975. It had been even longer since the last Mark II album, Who Do We Think We Are, which had been released in 1973. The last Purple album to receive RIAA certification was Stormbringer in 1975.

Album cover. Retrieved from here.

Perfect Strangers was released in October of 1984, so it took around three months for the album to be certified gold. The band had at this time begun touring in support of the album, though had yet to come to the US (source).

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