On This Day (January 20)…Works Come to Chicago

Emerson, Lake & Palmer performed on this day in 1978. They were in Chicago, Illinois either at the International Amphitheatre or the Universal Amphitheater.

Ticket stub. Retrieved from here.

The band were on their fifth consecutive night of hard travel and concerts, certainly a hard-scrabble start to this portion of the Works Tour! Not until the twenty-third would they get a day off from the nightly concerts.

This concert is known to have been recorded. In fact, one of these three consecutive dates was released with the box set From the Manticore Vaults, Volume 4

Retrieved from here.

As a quick note about the venue, Greg Lake’s website states that there were dates at a “Universal Amphitheatre”. However, I have been unable to find such a venue listed anywhere, and the ticket above looks more like the word was the “International Amphitheatre”. It’s a conundrum which extends to the next two dates as well, and one I hope to see solved.

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  1. As a Chicagoan dating back to that era, I can’t recall ever hearing of a “Universal Amphitheatre” either. I expect it was a typo by whomever set up Greg Lake’s web site. Plus the address on the ticket.

    Thanks for sharing your story; interesting.

    I was in the International Amphitheatre only thrice that I can recall. Once was for a Grateful Dead / New Riders of the Purple Sage concert. The audience was far more interesting than the performances, especially as the acoustics were highly vulnerable to whomever was running the soundboard. The other two times were to see the Ringling Bros. Circus, once from one of the light platforms which made the circus FAR more interesting.

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