On This Day (January 21)…More Works in Chicago

Emerson, Lake & Palmer performed on this day in Chicago in 1978.

File:Emerson Lake and Palmer band photo.jpg
The Band in Toronto in early February, about ten days after this concert. Retrieved from here.

This was the group’s second of three nights in Chicago. The Windy City would be the longest stopover for the group for this leg of the Works Tour.

One of the dates from this batch of Chicago performances was recorded and released as part of ELP’s From the Manticore Vaults, Volume 4 box set. Most places state that it was the January 20th concert, but it may have been this one.

Unfortunately, I have yet to be able to tell where the concert actually took place, a conundrum I detail here. It is likely, however, that the concert took place at the International Amphitheatre. A native Chicagoan on my last post commented that he’d never heard of a “Universal” Amphitheatre, but it’s a venue noted in setlist.fm and other places, not just in this instance. The mystery must remain for the time being…

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