On This Day (January 27)…Happy Birthday, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

The composer and musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on this day in 1756 in Salzburg.

File:Portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the age of 13 in Verona, 1770.jpg
Mozart at the age of fourteen. Retrieved from here.

Mozart is emblematic of classical music, plain and simple. From his days as a child prodigy touring the court circuit in Europe on, he was known as one of the great luminaries in his day and beyond. He was tutored in his craft by Johann Christian Bach (son of Johann Sebastian), honing his considerable talent in composition. From one great mind came a great many operas, concertos, masses, symphonies, and other works, many of which are the backbone of classical canon today.

From Don Giovanni.

Mozart’s music continues to be a cultural force today even beyond classical music halls.

Included on the resume of this great composer is the ability to awaken superpowers!

What’s your favorite work Mozart has done, and why?

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