On This Day (January 29)…Works in Springfield

Emerson, Lake & Palmer performed on this day in 1978 at the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Ticket stub. Retrieved from here.

ELP had been going pretty much nonstop on the second leg of their Works Tour for close to two weeks now. Barring two days off, one due to a postponement of a concert in Cincinnati, they had performed every night since January 16th. This serves as an elegant reminder of the work ethic the group had from their early days, which years ruling the rock ‘n roll world and commanding massive crowds had not shaken.

The band’s setlist at this point drew heavily from both their recent Works albums without snubbing the albums they had made earlier in the decade. Although the group didn’t have the orchestra which had begun the tour with them, they still did their best to satisfy the audience with their takes on the songs.

There is no known recording of this concert.

I talk more about the venue at which the band performed, the Springfield Civic Center, here.

Edit on 2020-03-12: Venue link added.

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