On This Day (January 29)…Happy Birthday, Peter Baumann!

The keyboardist Peter Baumann was born on this day in 1953.

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Baumann was born in Berlin; his father was also a musician, while his mother was an actress.

At the age of eighteen, Baumann joined Tangerine Dream. By his own admission, he could not even play keyboards at the time of his joining, but was regardless seen by Edgar Froese and Christopher Franke as having potential and being a good fit for their band thanks to his experimental setup. He played on every studio album released between Zeit and Stratosfear. He also performed with the band during several of their most legendary concerts, including their 1974 performance at Reims Cathedral.

He also had his own solo career, which began soon before his departure from Tangerine Dream. As a solo artist, he released five albums.

Baumann has also had a post-performance career in running the music label Private Music, an instrumental-focused label with many New Age artists, from 1984 to 1996. These are some of the albums released by the label.

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Baumann now runs the Baumann Foundation, organized to broaden understanding of the human experience.

I hope you’ll join me in wishing Mr. Baumann a very happy birthday! I hope his next year is a good one.

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