On This Day (January 3)…Deep Purple Comin’ Home

Deep Purple returned to the UK from their first US tour on this day in 1969.

Deep Purple In Shadow. Clockwise from top left: Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Nick Simper, Rod Evans, and Ian Paice. Retrieved from here.

This info comes according to Simon Robinson in the Deep Purple Remastered CD booklet. I’ve seen this tour referred to in some places as the US leg of the Book of Taliesyn Tour.

Their last date had been four days previous, on New Year’s Eve. The tour was apparently overall a success, as the group was fairly popular in the US, even more so than in the UK at the time! Sadly, only one complete concert recording of the 1968 US tour is known to exist. A few TV spots, including a visit to the Playboy mansion, also exist.

The band got very little time off between work, however, and were in the studio a mere four days later. By February 1st, they were back on the road again.

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