On This Day (January 9)…Stormbringer Brings Gold

Deep Purple’s album Stormbringer was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on this day in 1975.

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The album had been released the previous November. It received mixed but generally positive reviews, including from Rolling Stone Magazine. It was the last of Deep Purple’s 1970s output to receive a gold certification in that decade. Come Taste the Band, this album’s followup, never received a RIAA certification. Another album from the 70s, Fireball, was certified in 2001, thirty years after its release.

Stormbringer was the second of three Deep Purple albums to feature David Coverdale on vocals and Glenn Hughes on bass. It was also the last Purple album to feature Ritchie Blackmore on guitars until Perfect Strangers’ 1984 release. A few months after this, he played his last concert with the band and soon joined Rainbow. To date, none of Rainbow’s albums have been certified gold by RIAA.

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