On This Day (June 20)…Mark I’s Last Revolution

Deep Purple performed on this day in 1969 at the Revolution Club in Brussels, Belgium.

This concert is notable for being the final concert the first lineup of Deep Purple performed outside of their native Great Britain. Already, the successors to Rod Evans and Nick Simper had been selected, and what would become Deep Purple’s second lineup had both already begun recording a single and rehearsing for what would become their first hard-rock album, Deep Purple in Rock. There were a mere four dates and two BBC sessions left for the band before the first lineup came to an end for good.

There is no known recording of this particular concert.

Like the club at which the band debuted, the Vestpoppen Parkskolen Club in Taastrup, I have been unable to find anything about the Revolution Club in Brussels beyond the fact that Deep Purple once played there.

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