On This Day (June 5)…Deep Purple Rock Hard with ‘In Rock’

Deep Purple released Deep Purple in Rock on this day in 1970.

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Normally said to have been released on June 3, I’ve seen more information that suggests it was actually released on this day.

This album, beloved by fans to this day, marked Deep Purple’s entry into the genre of hard rock. While most sources put the reason behind this genre shift behind Led Zeppelin’s recent entrance onto the rock scene, I’ve also heard King Crimson’s enthralling London performances influenced them as well, though I don’t have a source right now.

In Rock was the first full studio album with new members Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, though they had been present for Concerto For Group and Orchestra which had been recorded the previous autumn. Furthermore, almost a year prior, the two had participated in a single studio session with the rest of the band, though this song was not released on any album and was just put out as a single. As a point of remarkable interest, this date release came just one day shy of a full year since members of the group first saw Gillan and Glover onstage with their previous group, Episode Six.

Notably, this was also the album during which the balance of power permanently shifted in the instrumental section. While keyboardist Jon Lord was the largest influence on the creation of the band’s music and was seen as the band leader during the first lineup, on this and on subsequent albums Ritchie Blackmore rose to major prominence and had greater input in the musical direction of the album.

The album was recorded on breaks between stretches of touring, as they had relentlessly done since coming together as a lineup. While on this first tour with Gillan and Glover, the group sometimes played work from the forthcoming album, notably “Child in Time”, which had appeared on the group’s setlist as early as the previous August.

The influences on this album are extensive. They included Little Richard, whose lyrics appeared in medley form on the album opener “Speed King”; and It’s a Beautiful Day, whose song “Bombay Calling” heavily influenced “Child in Time”.

Response & Legacy

The album met with critical acclaim and massive chart success, reaching top 10 in multiple countries, including making #4 in the UK and #1 in Germany. This was the notability the band had never achieved with their prior lineup. This album thus set the standard by which all the band’s albums have since been judged in terms of their response by the wider world. To support the album, the group embarked on the In Rock World Tour.

Some music off the album is still played regularly today by Deep Purple, onstage which features three of the members of the Mark II lineup.

The one remaining living member of the Mark II lineup, Ritchie Blackmore, also performs some of the music live when he’s out on the road with Rainbow.

Live in Prague 2018. I give more thoughts on the full performance here.

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