On This Day (June 6)…Happy Birthday, Edgar Froese

The musician Edgar Froese was born on this day in 1944.

On the day Froese was born in Tilsit, a part of East Prussia (now a part of Russia), the Allied Forces were storming the beaches at Normandy on D-Day, signaling the beginning of the end of World War II in Europe. His family relocated to West Berlin when he was young, where he studied piano and later guitar.

Froese was until his death the sole consistent member of Tangerine Dream, the legendary German electronic band which significantly contributed to multiple genres. The band did pioneering work particularly with electronic instruments, though Froese also brought in piano from time to time.

He also had time to have a solo career, releasing albums such as Epsilon in Malaysia Pale.

Today’s a good time to spin some Tangerine Dream records and remember this great innovator. A personal favorite of mine is the album Stratosfear. What’s yours?

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