On This Day (March 20)…Deep Purple’s First Pandemic Single

Deep Purple released “Throw My Bones” on this day in 2020.

Music video for the song. As of this writing, the video has had over two million views!

“Throw My Bones” was the first complete song that the group released from their album Whoosh! and the second musical snippet overall. For their first look at the album, the group had released a small portion of what would later be revealed to be “Man Alive” on February 9th. However, that had been less than thirty seconds of music.

The song’s title comes from an archaic phrase about throwing dice. A similar phrase was used to name an album by Rush, Roll the Bones. It references the attitude predominant in the song to simply let life happen rather than remain consumed with fear about what-ifs.

“Throw My Bones” is also the first song off Whoosh!, giving the album a strong opening. At the time, Whoosh! was slated for a June release. However, the COVID-19 pandemic interfered with these plans. By the time “Throw My Bones” came out, much of the world was in the early stages of lockdown, including portions of the United States and Britain.

On a personal note, this song meant a lot to me when it was first released. On that day, I was dealing with a great deal in my personal life. Hearing it was a great comfort on a very difficult day. Thankfully, all the problems have since resolved, and the song is still here to get stuck in my head at a moment’s notice! I review this song myself here.

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