On This Day (March 27)…Black Moon Over São Paulo

Emerson, Lake & Palmer performed on this day in 1993 at the Palace in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ad for the show. Retrieved from here.

ELP were on their first tour since disbanding in 1978, the Black Moon Tour. Their days of performing with spinning pianos and orchestras were over, but they were by no means done with pushing boundaries. This concert, for instance, was part of the first leg of a tour that they had ever undertaken in South America.

Show ticket. Retrieved from here.

The Black Moon Tour, undertaken to support the album of the same name the group had released the previous June, was thus the widest-reaching tour the group had undertaken to this point, visiting a total of four continents! They returned to Japan for the first time in twenty years as well as Europe for the first time in almost as long.

ELP delighted audiences with a few new songs and a great many old ones each night. On this particular night, they apparently began with an abridged version of ‘Tarkus’ (source). Reviews from this tour seem to be generally positive, though I couldn’t find anything specific for this particular night.

There is no known recording of this concert.

This was the third and final night that ELP performed at this venue, the Palace. I can find very little information about this venue, complicated by the fact that there is a Palace Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota (‘St. Paul’ and ‘São Paulo’ meaning the same thing in different languages!)

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