On This Day (March 29)…Tarkus Rolls to Margate

Emerson, Lake & Palmer performed on this day in 1971 at the Winter Gardens in Margate, England.

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ELP’s Tarkus Tour was truly getting into swing at this point. With a handful of dates under their belt, the trio was doubtless getting used to the new music of their forthcoming album, Tarkus. The title track of the album was added to the setlist, which otherwise seemed to be mostly the same as it had been on the debut tour. Along with about twenty minutes of new music, this song added another major improv spot to the concert, which over the years would evolve drastically. On this tour, surviving recordings show the Aquatarkus improv was a fairly short spot taken at a regular tempo, where Keith Emerson uses a great deal of different effects on his Moog Synthesizer.

There is no known recording of this concert.

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