On This Day (March 29)…The Fab Four at Lewisham

The Beatles performed on this day in 1963 at the Lewisham Odeon in London, England.

Ticket for the second show showing the acts which the group was playing with…but not the Beatles themselves! Retrieved from here.

As you can see from the ticket above, the Fab Four appeared here with Chris Montez and Tommy Roe, whom they were apparently supporting. Beatlemania had yet to begin in earnest, though it was not long in coming after this concert; their first full album, Please Please Me, had been released the UK just a week prior!

The group performed six songs: “Love Me Do”, “Misery”, “A Taste Of Honey”, “Do You Want To Know A Secret”, “Please Please Me”, and “I Saw Her Standing There”. All six of them were from the album they had just released.

There does not appear to be a recording of this concert extant.

This was the first of two times the band performed at the Lewisham Odeon. I talk more about the building and its history here.

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