On This Day (May 27)…Free Fall is Released

The Dixie Dregs released Free Fall on this day in 1977 on Capricorn Records.

File:FreeFall-Dixie Dregs.jpg
Album cover. Retrieved from here.

At this point, the band had already created The Great Spectacular during their time at the University of Miami. However, that album did not see wide commercial release, making Free Fall the album which introduced many a listener to the Dixie Dregs.

At the time, the group consisted of Steve Morse on guitar and some keyboards (who was also the group’s primary composer), Allen Sloan on violin and viola, Andy West on bass guitar, Stephen Davidowski on keyboards, and Rod Morgenstein on drums. Morse was the primary composer for this album, as he was for all Dregs releases.

This music is wholly original and played with a freshness and vigor that had begun to wane in a genre that was becoming a model in self-parody.

From Robert Taylor‘s Allmusic review. Retrieved from here.

The album is well-remembered both in progressive rock and jazz fusion contexts as a warm-sounding album chock full of great music. With influences ranging from country to neoclassical, the only label that can be discarded for it would be “boring”.

On a personal note, the closing number of this album, “Northern Lights”, is a personal favorite of mine. I hope to be able to perform it someday.

If you haven’t listened Free Fall yet, I’ve linked it below. Today’s as good a day as any to get to know it!

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