On this Day (November 26)…Gary Moore at Mayfair

Gary Moore performed on this day in 1982 at the Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle, England.

Poster promoting the tour. Retrieved from here.

This concert was an early part of his Corridors of Power tour, undertaken to support the album of the same name.

The lineup for this tour was absolutely unmatched in talent. Gary’s fellow Colosseum II alumni Neil Murray and Don Airey were on bass and keyboards respectively. Since leaving Colosseum II, all had gone on to be successful musicians, leaving fusion jazz for harder rock sounds. They were joined on drums by Ian Paice, once and future drummer of Deep Purple, and John Sloman, filling in where needed on vocals and extra keys.

Image result for gary moore don airey ian paice
Photo of the tour’s lineup. Clockwise from left: Ian Paice, Don Airey, Neil Murray, John Sloman, and Gary Moore. Originally from a 1983 Japanese tour program. Retrieved from pinterest.

The concert has been recorded, has not been officially released, and is in circulation online. The sound is quite excellent, too!

The Mayfair in Newcastle
Exterior of the venue, the Mayfair Ballroom. Retrieved from here.

The Venue

Gary Moore had been at the Mayfair Ballroom, the venue for this night’s concert, already in 1981 while on tour with Greg Lake. It was a dance and concert hall which had originally opened in 1961, which in its time boasted several notable concerts, including Led Zeppelin’s first ever U.K. performance and Free’s last U.K. performance. It was built to hold 1,500 people.

File:Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - Dance Floor.jpg
Interior of the venue from 1961. Retrieved from Wikipedia.

Sadly, the venue was demolished in 1999, upsetting rock fans from far and near.

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