On This Day (October 15)…Cozy Powell’s Hammer at the BBC

Cozy Powell’s Hammer had a BBC session at the Maida Vale Studio 4 on this day in 1974.

Bernie Marsden: “A very rare CP Hammer picture from the BBC 1974. Strange to think we were perceived as a ‘pop’ group!Don Airey and I could easily pass for One Direction…”(Source)
It was interesting reading Bernie’s comments on the pictures from...
Cozy Powell’s Hammer. Retrieved from here

The lineup composed of Frank Aiello (Vocals), Don Airey (Keyboards), Clive Chamen (Bass), Bernie Marsden (Guitar), and Cozy Powell (Drums). They worked with producer Tony Wilson and an unknown engineer. The session was undertaken for legendary BBC DJ John Peel.

The group performed a total of four songs, “Keep Your Distance”, “Foolish Girl”, “Super Strut”, and “Hold On”. The exact order is not agreed on between bootleg recordings of the event (which exist in their entirety and are in circulation online) and BBC1’s record of the event. Given the latter has a couple of errors on the names of the individuals, it may not have been complied by a source which cared about the exact accuracy of things. I would go with the fan release order, personally.

My favorite number from these sessions.

This recording is one of a very small handful of Cozy Powell’s Hammer. It is also one of the first currently-known recordings of keyboardist Don Airey, for whom Hammer was the first professional rock outfit he played in.

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