On This Day (October 25)…Happy Birthday, Jon Anderson!

The singer Jon Anderson was born on this day in 1944.

Anderson onstage in 1977. Retrieved from here.

Anderson grew up as a lover of music and (British) football; the latter was such a passion that he attempted to join a team professionally, but was turned down due to his comparatively short height. It’s a gift to the world that he chose to pursue music instead.

In 1968, Anderson helped found one of progressive rock’s most beloved bands, Yes. As Yes’ singer, his voice has become known to millions. After Anderson left Yes for good in the 2000s, he teamed up with two other Yes alumni for another incarnation of the band: Yes Featuring ARW.

Anderson has also enjoyed a successful career outside of Yes. On his first album, Olias of Sunhillow, Anderson played every single instrument. He has continued to release solo works, including a song about the 2020 American Presidential Election. He has also collaborated with notable musicians from all around the world, including Kitaro and Vangelis.

Here at Gotta Hear ‘em All, I want to wish him a very good day and year!

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