On This Day (September 5)…ELPowell in Montreal

6 out of 10.

Cozy Powell in his tour diary about the show.

Emerson, Lake & Powell performed on this day in 1986 at the Forum in Montreal, Quebec.

Poster advertising the show. Retrieved from here.

This was the second of only two concert the group performed in Canada during their sole North American tour. The first had been two days previous in Toronto.

Cozy Powell provides very little information about how this show actually went in his recollections. He also gives this show a lower rating than the four previous shows. Again, there is no explanation as to why.

This concert was recorded, and is in circulation online.

ELP enjoyed a special relationship with Montreal, often performing there. They spent a particular amount of time there in the Works Era, recording their first major music video at the Olympic Stadium and finishing the first leg of the Works Tour at the same venue. They visited the Forum in particular comparatively often, including at this concert. I talk more about the Montreal Forum here.

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