On This Day (September 6)…Deep Purple Rock Gothenburg

Deep Purple performed on this day in 1969 at the Konserthus in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ad for the show. Retrieved from here.

Deep Purple were at this time on their European Tour. This was their first major tour as their second lineup, as well as at the time the biggest tour they had undertaken of Europe. They had formed three months prior and began performing in mid-July.

Even this early in their existence, the band‘s second lineup was performing much of their own original material. August concerts still included work from the previous lineup, but as the European Tour went on this material was slowly phased out.

On this night, the band shared a bill with the band Hair. While Deep Purple, particularly this lineup, have gone on to be a world sensation, I haven’t been able to even find evidence of the existence of Hair.

There is no known recording of this particular concert.

One thought on “On This Day (September 6)…Deep Purple Rock Gothenburg

  1. Actually, the flyer is for the show in Store Heddinge, Denmark, which is the show that actually took place on September 6. The Gothenburg show was on September 3.

    I’m not making a point of issuing corrections. I greatly admire the content on this site.

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