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In my “tour guide” series, I’ll be setting up guides to certain tours by certain bands. This is an aspect of a project I have been undertaking in some form or other since the summer of 2017, with some collaboration. I hope it’s useful to fellow music historians and aficionados! 

In early 1988, Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer teamed up once again to create music together. For this particular round, rather than ring up their old collaborator Greg Lake, they instead sought out American West Coast musician Robert Berry. Of the five musicians to be involved in the ELP music family, Berry is the only American. He is also the youngest member of the extended ELP family.

Promotional image for the band for Geffen Records. Retrieved from here.

The band the trio created together, appropriately named 3, released a single album, To The Power of Three. The album was a more significant break with the original Emerson, Lake & Palmer than the sole album released by ELP’s previous spinoff band, ELPowell. While it received divided critical and fan reaction, this attempt at reinvention won itself some fans over the years. A followup to To The Power of Three by Robert Berry, 3.2: The Rules Have Changed and a supporting tour, helped bolster the legacy of this portion of ELP history.

To support it, 3 went on a single North America tour. Joining the trio on the road were guitarist Paul Keller and backup vocalists Debra Parks and Jennifer Steele. They frequented smaller establishments on the tour. Some of these, such as the concerts at the Chance, were apparently age-restricted according to tickets! Others admitted all ages, making it seem to me like this was a venue thing rather than something to do with the act.

Album and buttons by 3. Retrieved from here.

In total, the band performed thirty-seven concerts, with a thirty-eighth planned concert cancelled. There were also at least two rehearsal dates. Of these gigs, ten have been recorded; two were radio broadcasts and one was video aired on HBO to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Atlantic Records, ELP’s old label.

Poster for a show on the tour. Retrieved from here.

Below is a chart of all their known gigs, rehearsal dates, planned gigs and TV appearances. There will be links taking you to gigs I’ve either covered or reviewed. Anything else pertinent (venue info from another gig, etc) will also be linked. 

DateLocationRecorded?Other Info
1988-04-03The Chance, Poughkeepsie, New York, USANoRehearsal
1988-04-04The Chance, Poughkeepsie, New York, USANoRehearsal
1988-04-05The Chance, Poughkeepsie, New York, USANoHere
1988-04-06The Chance, Poughkeepsie, New York, USANoHere
1988-04-07Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USANoHere
1988-04-08Sundance, Bay Shore, New York, USANoHere
1988-04-10Bayou, Washington, DC, USANoHere
1988-04-11Hammerjacks, Baltimore, MD, USANoHere
1988-04-12Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT, USAYesHere
1988-04-14The Ritz, New York City, New York, USAYesHere
1988-04-15Paradise, Boston, Massachusetts, USAYesHere
1988-04-16Living Room, Providence, Rhode Island, USANoHere
1988-04-18Barrymore’s, Ottawa, CANNoHere
1988-04-19Spectrum, Montreal, CANYesHere
1988-04-20Diamond Club, Toronto, CANNoHere
1988-04-21Syria Mosque Ballroom, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USANoHere
1988-04-22Agora, Cleveland, Ohio, USANoHere
1988-04-23Harpos, Detroit, Michigan, USANoHere
1988-04-25Bogarts, Cincinnati, Ohio, USANoHere
1988-04-26Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, Missouri, USAYesHere
1988-04-27Vic Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USANoHere
1988-04-28Billy’s Old Mill, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USANoHere
1988-04-30Uptown Theater, Kansas City, Missouri, USANoHere
1988-05-02Boulder’s Coast, Boulder, Colorado, USANoHere
1988-05-05The Fillmore, San Francisco, California, USAYesHere
1988-05-06Cabaret, San Jose, California, USAYesHere
1988-05-07Cabaret, San Jose, California, USANoHere
1988-05-08Palace, Los Angeles, California, USANoHere
1988-05-09Bacchanal, San Diego, California, USANoHere
1988-05-10After the Gold Rush, Phoenix, Arizona, USANoHere
1988-05-12Unknown Venue, San Antonio, Texas, USANoHere
1988-05-13Unknown Venue, Dallas, Texas, USAN/ACancelled
1988-05-14Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USAYesHere
1988-05-14Back Room, Austin, Texas, USANoHere
1988-05-15Xcess, Houston, Texas, USANoHere
1988-05-17Center Stage, Atlanta, Georgia, USAYesHere
1988-05-18Unknown Venue, Jacksonville, Florida, USANoHere
1988-05-19Sweeney’s Club, Orlando, Florida, USANoHere
1988-05-20Adventure Island, Tampa, Florida, USANoHere
1988-05-21City Limits, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USAYesHere

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One thought on “Tour Guide: 3 Tour

  1. I would be happy to share my memories of the 3 gig at Sweeney’s in Orlando. HUGE night for me because it was the first time I got to see my musical hero Keith Emerson in person!
    I have photos, an autographed tour t-shirt and a ticket stub.
    I also got to meet Keith outside his hotel and he signed the back of a concert flyer for the show!

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