Tour Guide: Tangerine Dream’s UK ’75 Tour

In my “tour guide” series, I’ll be setting up guides to certain tours by certain bands. This is an aspect of a project I have been undertaking in some form or other since the summer of 2017, with some collaboration. I hope it’s useful to fellow music historians and aficionados! 

Tangerine Dream had a particularly busy year in 1975, both within the studio and outside. The year began with their release of Rubycon, another popular entry in their canon which became their highest-charting ever album in the United Kingdom. Edgar Froese would also release a solo album, Epsilon in Malaysian Pale, in September. Between these studio endeavors, they undertook a tour in Australia, the first time they left their native Europe. They even released their first-ever live album, which took material from their 1975 UK Tour.

Tangerine Dream October 1975 Tour
Poster for the show. Retrieved from here.

After their famous Reims Cathedral concert of the previous December, Tangerine Dream were forbidden by the papacy from ever playing in a Catholic church again. However, the concert received a great deal of positive reaction otherwise, resulting in invitations from English cathedrals to perform there as well. As a result, the group came over to England, where they performed in venues ranging from cathedrals to clubs.

Overall, it seems that Tangerine Dream’s UK Tour of 1975 was a success. Concerts seem to have received very positive response; one was even named among “the concert highlights of the year” by Melody Maker Magazine!

The Concerts

Tangerine Dream played a total of twelve confirmed concert. A thirteenth “exhibition concert” took place during which the group demonstrated some of their equipment and played a short piece. Three dates at the end of the tour were cancelled. While Voices in the Net, a fairly reliable source for Tangerine Dream information, references these three concerts without indicating they were cancelled. However, I’ve been unable to independently verify them, as I a) have no access to the 1975 tourbook which would likely confirm the dates, and b) at least one website I routinely use to double-check on dates for one venue, the Sheffield Music Archive, has no record of a second date.

In total, tapers recorded at least portions of ten of these concerts, with seven being recorded in full. This includes the performance at Fairfield Hall in Croydon which served as the basis for Ricochet. Their concert at Coventry Cathedral was also recorded at least in part on video.

Below is a complete list of the known dates on this concert, as well as whether or not they were recorded. This also includes the exhibition gig.

DateLocationRecorded?Other Info
1975-10-04Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, UKYes, with video also ExtantHere
1975-10-05Colston Hall, Bristol, UKPartialHere
1975-10-07Saint Andrews Hall, Norwich, UKNoHere
1975-10-09City Hall, Sheffield, UKNoHere
1975-10-12Town Hall, Birmingham, UKPartialHere
1975-10-13Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford, UKNoHere
1975-10-14Friars Vale Hall, Aylesbury, UKPartialHere
1975-10-16Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, UKYesHere
1975-10-17City Hall, Glasgow, UKYesHere
1975-10-19Hardrock Club, Manchester, UKYesHere
1975-10-20York Minster, York, UKYesHere
1975-10-22Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, UKYesHere
1975-10-23Fairfield Hall, Croydon, UKYesHere
1975-10-26Town Hall, Birmingham, UKN/ACancelled
1975-10-27City Hall, Sheffield, UKN/ACancelled
1975-10-29Saint George’s Hall, Bradford, UKN/ACancelled

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Post Sources

  • Edit on 2020-10-23: Added information on cancellations courtesy of Andy King (thank you)! Spelling corrections.
  • Edit on 2022-03-17: Edited for readability

3 thoughts on “Tour Guide: Tangerine Dream’s UK ’75 Tour

  1. Great article – hope this helps:

    From my archive (“DREAM REVISE CHURCH TOUR” – 12.7.75, unknown UK Music press) – BRADFORD never happened:

    “TANGERINE Dream’s British tour, which will include three concerts in cathedrals this autumn, has been revised. The group have scrapped plans for a concert in Bradford while a date at Glasgow City Hall has been added to the schedule. The group have also re-arranged two of the other concert dates. They were originally to have played at Birmingham Town Hall on October 26 and at Sheffield City Hall the following night, but both have now been brought forward.

    The tour itinerary is now as follows: Coventry Cathedral (October 4), Bristol Colston Hall (5), Sheffield City Hall (rest of the text is missing…but should be ‘(9), Birmingham town hall (12), Liverpool Cathedral (16), Glasgow City Hall (17), Manchester Hardrock (19), York Minster (20) & Croydon Fairfield Hall (23)’.”

    From my chronology: 26.10.75 Cancelled Concert: Town Hall (Victoria Square), Birmingham, England (Originally announced in Melody Maker on the 10th of May). Concert brought forward to the 12th of October (Sunday). As announced in the UK music press under the title ‘Dream Revise Church Tour’.

    27.10.75 Cancelled Concert: City Hall (City Hall, Sheffield), Sheffield, England. (Originally announced in Melody Maker on the 10th of May). Concert brought forward to the 9th of October (Monday). As announced in the UK music press under the title ‘Dream Revise Church Tour’.

    29.10.75 Cancelled Concert: St George’s Hall (Bridge St), Bradford, England. Originally announced in Melody Maker on the 10th of May. Cancellation announced in the UK music press under the title ‘Dream Revise Church Tour’ 12.7.75. (Wednesday).

    The real dates:

    9.10.75 Concert: City (Oval) Hall (Barker’s Pool), Sheffield, England. Presented by Darrol Edwards/ Edwards Promotions Ltd (in association with Andrew Graham-Stewart and Virgin records). 7.30pm. Tickets: Stalls: £1.60 (Blue design) available from Wilson Peek Box Office (Sheff 27074 and by post), and also from Virgin Records (Sheffield). (Thursday).

    12.10.75 Concert: Town Hall (Victoria Square), Birmingham, England. Presented by A.D (Darrol) Edwards in association with Andrew Graham-Stewart and Virgin records. 7.30pm. Tickets available from the Town Hall Box Office (021 236 2392 and by post): Ground floor & Upper & Lower Gallery: £1.60 (Sunday).

  2. Btw the city-scape image isn’t a poster, it’s an advert that ran in Melody Maker (27.9.75 -page 26) and (4.10.75 – page 33).

    Epsilon in Malaysian Pale was released on 26.9.75

  3. – I should add that I have one press cutting that shows the release date for EIMP as 27.9.75 (Virgin had a press night for it in London in October “Dress: Safari suits and pith helmets”).

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