Tracking the Progress of Whoosh!

Deep Purple’s Whoosh! lands everywhere on August 7, 2020. This twenty-first studio album has dealt with its fair share of troubles before it even hit the shelves, including the rescheduling of the entire planned tour and a nearly two-month delay in its release thanks to the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Early reviews suggest that it’s worth the wait, however!

Deep Purple album cover Whoosh!
Album cover. Retrieved from here.

My own interest in the album began on February 15, 2019. There had been rumors that a new album was on the horizon, but on that morning a photo emerged from writing sessions. I have been excited since.

When morsels of information began trickling out earlier this year, I seized immediately on what I thought was the most interesting. I list below the five phases of my coverage of Whoosh!, starting before the album’s name was officially revealed. I will continue to cover the album after its release, including more in-depth analyses of specific songs, as well as the album as a whole.

Pre-Release Coverage

Post-Release Coverage

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