Venues Covered on This Site

A large part of my blog work has come down to live work. For concerts, I have tried to also cover the venues at which the concerts have taken place. Here’s an ever-growing list of venues I’ve got covered on my site. I’ve listed them first by continent, then by country (when there are more than fives cities in the country), then alphabetically by city, then by year of construction. For the United States, I have also begun listing venues by state if there are more than five cities in that state.

I have also included recurring festivals if I think they’re relevant.

In total, I have so far covered about 100 venues.


Nippon Budokan Hall Main entrance
The Budokan in Tokyo, one of the most famous venues in the world. Retrieved from here.

Total venues: 5


Total venues: 1


Total venues: 43

Venues in the United Kingdom

Total venues: 19

Venues Elsewhere in Europe

Total venues: 24

North America

Total venues: 52

Venues in Canada

Total Venues: 6

Venues in Mexico

Total Venues: 1

Venues in the United States

Total Venues: 45

Venues in New York State

Total Venues: 8

Venues in Other States

Total Venues: 37

* Anciennes Halles pavilion 8/Baltard Pavilion was later moved to Nogent-sur-Marne.