Venues Covered on This Site

A large part of my blog work has come down to live work. For concerts, I have tried to also cover the venues at which the concerts have taken place. Here’s an ever-growing list of venues I’ve got covered on my site. I’ve listed them first by continent, then alphabetically by city, then by year of construction.

I have also included recurring festivals if I think they’re relevant.

In total, I have so far covered about 95 venues.


Nippon Budokan Hall Main entrance
The Budokan in Tokyo, one of the most famous venues in the world. Retrieved from here.

Total venues: 5


Total venues: 1


Total venues: 42

Venues in the United Kingdom

Total venues: 19

Venues Elsewhere in Europe

Total venues: 23

North America

Total venues: 51

Venues in Canada

Total Venues: 6

Venues in Mexico

Total Venues: 1

Venues in the United States

Total Venues: 44

* Anciennes Halles pavilion 8/Baltard Pavilion was later moved to Nogent-sur-Marne.